Monday, August 8, 2011

Things Natalie Said, Birthday Edition

I'm a brave girl, so I don't get dangered. Because I have a spirit. And I also do karate.

You can't see my secret. I don't want to tell you. It might break my heart... OK, I'll tell you my secret. The secret is: to not tell anyone.

I had a dream of my little pony, Thunder, flying with fairies, and when he fell down, his wing was broken. Then I found him. And then the doctor comed to fix it. And then he flied again with the fairies.

That's why I always named my [dolls] Necklace. His name is Nicholas. That's the same.

I'm staying up late tonight and I'm going to do all my homework in the whole world.

Don't show me your butt. Don't show me your pink butt.

I have a hypothesis!

I had a dream that Netta had purple gum in her mouth. And she was playing with it. It was purple. And it was messy. And I got a towel. And it was wet. And I cleaned her face off.

What was I doing first? Before you asked me to swim? (losing her train of thought in the bath tub)

Underwear servant! (calling me from the potty)

It's floating! Made out of little pieces! How I made that? (poop)

Mama: How did you learn this by yourself?
Natalie: I just started thinking. Thinking makes you happy. And smart.

Why you can't dance?

I can't stop loving you, Mama.

I can't believe my eyes! You made it spin a long time! (a top)

Mama: Didn't we have a nice weekend with Papa? Didn't we have so much fun?
Natalie: Let's go to sleep now. Let's talk in our dream.

Does the queen bee love all kinds of sandwiches or just jam sandwiches?

Carnival mountains (cotton candy)

Mama: Anything that's sweet like ice cream or fruit has sugar in it, and those sugar bugs try to make holes in your teeth.
Natalie: Mom, do you know broccoli makes a hole in your teeth too?

The show is starting! Donny Osmund! The best and humored man! He wins races on Tuesdays! (Barbie show)

I think the spider is seasick in that wind.

(watching Alaska home videos) You're at the North Pool! Santa Claus's pool!

Tallulah Belle. I like that name. I'm going to name my kid that when I grow up and get married. "Tallulah Belle! Come here my kid!" Like that.

I'm holding my toe up. That means I have thumbs-up toes!

June 18, 2011 Mama: The parade is cancelled.
July 3, 2011 Natalie: What does cancelled mean?

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Emma said...

Underwear servant has just made my day!!! She is priceless!